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 Heros F.A.Q

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PostSubject: Heros F.A.Q   Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:16 am

Is it possible to assign rams, catapults, settlers, spies or administators to be come hero?

- No, that is impossible.

How much can a hero carry?

- A hero can carry nothing at all.

Do I have to create 3 heroes first before I can delete one?

- As long as a hero is dead he can be deleted, regardlessly how many heroes you have.

Do heroes show up in battle report?

- Yes, they do.

Can I see the skills of a hero in the battle report?

- No, this is impossible.

What is the max. level of a skill?

- The max. level is 100 per skill.

Is it possible to defend one village with multiple heroes?

- Yes, but the def-bonus only applies to troops of the player who owns the hero giving the bonus.

When does a hero lose hitpoints?

- Almost every time you attack someone as the base defense (palace + wall) is enough to inflict at least some damage.

Can a hero be used as sole defender or attacker in a combat?

- Yes, but this is not advised as a hero will die if he receives more than 90 damage (or loses more than 90 hitpoints) in a single battle.

How is the experience of a hero calculated?

- Each dead soldier (exp = upkeep of the dead soldier) in a battle where a hero took part is added as experience. See the table above for a clear listing how much kills/experience you need to gain another level.

Does a hero get experience when he dies in a battle?

- Yes, he does.

How is the experience devided when there are several defending heroes?

- it is devided evenly between the heroes.
Example: If there are 3 heroes, each one would get 1/3 of the experience.

Does a hero get improved by upgrades done in the armoury and the blacksmith?

- No, they do not influence a hero at all, regardlessly when the upgrade has been done.

When can I start annexing oases?

- You need a hero's mansion level 10, 15 and 20 for each oasis you want to annex.

How many heroes can one have at a time?

- Each player can only have one active hero. If this hero dies, the player will have the option to choose one of up to three inactive heroes (including the newly dead one) that he wants to have revived.

Can I move my hero to another village of mine and use him from there to attack?

- Yes, as long as the village you send him to as reinforcement has a hero's mansion.

What happens to the skills and experience when I revive a hero?

- Apart from the hero having 100% hitpoints again, he will be same as before he has been killed, he'll loose neither skills nor experience.
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Heros F.A.Q
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