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 Canceling actions

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Evil Admin King

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PostSubject: Canceling actions   Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:05 pm

Canceling actions

Certain actions can be canceled by clicking the red cross (X).

The Following actions can be canceled:

Building orders or extensions: This is done by clicking on the red cross (X).

Sending troops:

Within the first 90 seconds you can cancel troops which have been send away by clicking the red cross (X) in the rally point. It doesn't matter if the troops are on a raid, a normal attack or send as reinforcement.

Following actions can not be canceled:

Researches in the academy/armoury/blacksmith
Merchants at the marketplace
Training of troops

Why can these actions not be canceled?

Simply to stop people from (ab)using them as "extra crannies".
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Canceling actions
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