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PostSubject: Capitals   Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:00 pm


What is so special about the capital?

The capital can not be conquered at all
It is impossible to build the great barracks or great stable in the capital
One can build the stonemason in the capital which increases the building durability by up to 300%
One can extend the resourefields in the capital infinitely, at least theoretically.

How do I choose my capital?

Your first village is your capital by default regardlessly whether you build a residence or palace in it. Only after nameing another village your captial it will loose this status. This can be done by building a palace in the village you want to name your new capital and by clicking the link "Make this village your capital".

What happens when I change the capital?

If you change your capital, the old will loose all resourfieldlevels higher than 10. Additionally the stonemason will be destroyed, furthermore the great barracks and great stable will be lost when they existed in the village while it was a normal village. Beware: There is no way to undo the capital-changeing!

How do I know which is my enemy's capital?

A (Capital) marks the player's capital in the village overview resp. the player overview.
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